Information for Pilates studios and Pilatesteacher:

The prerequisite for the opening of a Pilates studio and Pilates classes from 11 May 2020 is the creation of a protection concept and its implementation. Every sport (e.g. Pilates) and every operator of a sports facility (e.g. Pilates studio) must have a protection concept. If the operator of the sports facility and the provider are the same person, this can coincide. This will be the case in most Pilates studios.
Prior to this, the association of the respective sport had to submit the base concept to the Federal Office of Sports (FOSPO) and have it checked for plausibility. Based on this base concept, the operator of the sports facility and the provider of a sport must draw up an individual protection concept and implement the measures.

The Federal Office of Sports has checked the plausibility of the base concept of Pilatessuisse.

Caution: The individual, concrete protection concepts (neither the operator of the sports facility nor the provider of the sport) are not approved by an authority. However, the responsible authorities can prohibit a sports activity or close a facility if there is no or insufficient protection concept.

The requirements may change depending on the development of the pandemic. The protection concepts would then have to be adapted accordingly.

The documents (German / French) concerning protection concepts can be found on our German and French pages under Aktuell / Actualités.

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