«Change happens through movement and movement heals.»

Joseph Pilates

Training guidelines

Pilatessuisse recognises organisations that offer Pilates training within the framework of the training guidelines. The aim of this recognition is to support people who are interested in Pilates training to find their way through the many different variations on offer. It also allows the trainees to find Pilates trainers who are themselves well trained.

Training organisations recognised by the association offer sound, comprehensive training. Their graduates will be taught the Pilates method safely and effectively to a high standard.

In its development, the Pilates method has produced a very wide variety of directions and qualities. The work of Joseph Pilates was further developed and transmitted by his students, and a large number of different interpretations have come about as a result. Professional associations across the whole world are working to maintain the legacy of Joseph Pilates. However, the latest findings from the worlds of medicine, biomechanics and other studies of the body must also be incorporated.

Pilatessuisse takes account of these factors and allows the training organisations the freedom to align themselves towards a more classical or a contemporary direction. We feel that it is important to emphasise that the division into classical and contemporary training should in no way be regarded as judgemental. We regard both directions as being of equal value.

The requirements placed upon the training organisations are identical for both directions. The only differences lie in the practical training involving the prescribed items of Pilates equipment and the exercise repertoire.


Classical training courses


All the organisations listed under the heading “Classical training courses” fulfil the “Classical repertoire” requirement in Teacher Training Programm Guidelines Point 4.3.1 (Annex 1) and its variations and modifications.

Contemporary training courses


Polestar graduates need the Mat and Comprehensive Education to have enough training hours!


All the organisations listed under the heading “Contemporary training courses” fulfill the “Contemporary repertoire” requirement in Teacher Training Programm Guidelines Point 4.3.2 (Annex 2) and its variations and modifications.


Information about recognition

Training organisations that fulfil the training guidelines can be recognised by Pilatessuisse. Training organisations that are recognised by the association will be listed on the website under the appropriate heading. The fee charged for this recognition and listing on the association’s website is CHF 100.00 per year.

Graduates of recognised training organisations undergo a simplified application process for Active membership of Pilatessuisse.

The decision regarding recognition will be taken by the Board of the Association on the basis of the training guidelines and notified subsequently to the training organisation.


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