«Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.»

Joseph Pilates


Pilatessuisse is the Swiss trade association for trained, professionally employed Pilates trainers.

The term “Pilates” is not currently protected in Switzerland; there is therefore an enormous variation in the level and quality of the classes on offer.

We are dedicated to the goal of promoting quality in Pilates classes and ensuring the integrity and professionalism of the Pilates method. We also establish guidelines and quality standards. This gives us the ability to recommend studios and Pilates trainers who can demonstrate sound, professional Pilates training.

Pilatessuisse provides the basis for professional interchange between members. We offer advanced training courses, workshops and regular events to actively promote quality assurance, public relations and mutual support.

We help our members obtain official recognition for the Pilates method from public authorities, insurance companies and other bodies.










The Schweizerische Pilates Verband (Swiss Pilates Association) was set up by Mark Fyvie, Lynn Watkins and Monika Leumann from within a very small group of people in Zurich.

Nicola Preisig took on the Presidency; the Association was still small.

Over 25 members – the association grew slowly since we did not want to make any compromises in the requirements for the quality of training.

Molly Ruchti took over from Nicola Preisig, who had worked as a very dedicated President for years.

40 members

Michael Brunner became President. The training guidelines were further refined in the “Teacher Training Guidelines”.

Linda Mathys and Andrea Keller took over the Presidency. The newly-designed website was brought into service and supplemented with a membership database. The association then had a membership numbering more than 60.

Change of name: The Schweizerischer Pilates Verband became Pilatessuisse


The Board

Andrea Blumenthal

Elise Rensch          

Evelyne Besser          


Isabella Vinanti



Pilatessuisse is a Swiss not-for-profit organisation aimed at keeping the standards of Pilates classes as high as possible. We approve of the wide variety of different types of training on offer, as long as the quality, integrity, philosophy and values of the Pilates method are guaranteed.


  • To maintain a list of recognised studios and Pilates trainers in line with the guidelines issued by the Pilatessuisse professional association
  • Professional quality assurance for recognised members through regular on-going training courses
  • To support and represent the interests of recognised Pilates trainers in Switzerland
  • To maintain a list of recognised training institutions 
  • Public relations tasks
  • To promote mutual support and communication among the recognised Pilates trainers
  • Communication and collaboration with other professional Pilates organisations and recognised Pilates trainers worldwide

Why are Pilates trainers recognised by Pilatessuisse the best choice?

  • Because they have had sound, comprehensive training in the Pilates method – for both mat work (floor training) and on all items of Pilates equipment.
  • Because they have undertaken to achieve the highest quality standard.
  • Because they teach in accordance with the strict guidelines set out by Pilatessuisse.
  • Because they regularly seek further training.
  • Because they have completed a first aid course or BLS-AED course.


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